Cursor Control 0.3.0



    This addon gives you fingertip control of the 3d cursor. May be helpful in simple CAD drawings of mechanics or architecture. Feel free to try it for yourself.


  • Blender 2.54b
  • Store cursor location to a saved location (SL)
  • Move cursor to SL
  • Swap cursor and SL
  • Saved Location is shown on the screen if chosen to.
  • Move cursor to closest point on selected mesh elements: vertices, edges, lines, faces, planes. Edges are constrained by their vertices, and faces by their edges. Lines and planes are infinite.
  • Mirror cursor around SL, a vertex, a line or a plane
  • Move cursor to median of selected vertices.
  • Move cursor to closest encounter of two lines. Alternates between the two possible solutions.
  • Move cursor to closest point on 3-point cylinder axis. (Also for 3-point circle center)
  • Move cursor to closest point on surface of 3-point sphere. (Also for 3-point circle circumference)
  • Move cursor to world origin
  • Move cursor to active object origin

Release Notes

  • BUGFIX: Move to closest point on face now works properly on quad faces.
  • NEW: Move to closest point of surface of 3-point sphere.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Changed ‘3-point circle center’ to the more generic ‘closest point on cylinder axis’
  • IMPROVEMENT: Move to line-line intersection now alternates between the two solutions. This keeps SL intact.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Changed some icons to something more logical… hopefully.


  • None.



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