Dimensions 0.0.0 (test of concept)


    This addon lets you add dimension objects to measure distances in real time. May be helpful in simple CAD drawings of mechanics or architecture. Feel free to try it for yourself.
    Warning This is an test of a concept but it may still be somewhat useful.



  • Blender 2.54b
  • Add as many dimension objects as you like
  • Move them to where you want
  • Start and endpoint can be attached to different objects and follow when you move, scale and rotate.
  • Shows the distance in BU (blender units)
  • Keep your scene neat and tidy by putting them in a separate layer. Also works with hide/unhide.

Release Notes

    This is an experiment. So there is lots of stuff that is a bit flaky.





7 Responses to “Dimensions 0.0.0 (test of concept)”

  1. this is quite a fine site. i just found it while searching blender/python thingis. the dimensions-script is a very interesting idea. is there still development? i´m trying to take it to 2.63

    • Thanks!
      At the moment I’m not doing any active development on any blender addons. Regarding the dimensions script I think I want to take a slightly different approach (if I ever get time to tinker with this again).

  2. josep gutierrez tejedor Says:

    Perdona que no sepa Ingles.
    Maravilloso Add-Ons

  3. Thanks !! Works great! been looking for something that could do this in blender

  4. You’re welcome! 🙂

  5. Thank you!
    i like your addons!

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