Cursor Control 0.4.1



    This addon gives you fingertip control of the 3d cursor. May be helpful in simple CAD drawings of mechanics or architecture. Feel free to try it for yourself.


  • Blender 2.56a
  • Store cursor location to a saved location (SL)
  • Move cursor to SL
  • Swap cursor and SL
  • Saved Location is shown on the screen if chosen to.
  • Move cursor to closest point on selected mesh elements: vertices, edges, lines, faces, planes. Edges are constrained by their vertices, and faces by their edges. Lines and planes are infinite.
  • Mirror cursor around SL, a vertex, a line or a plane
  • Move cursor to median of selected vertices.
  • Move cursor to closest encounter of two lines. Alternates between the two possible solutions.
  • Move cursor to closest point on 3-point cylinder axis. (Also for 3-point circle center)
  • Move cursor to closest point on surface of 3-point sphere. (Also for 3-point circle circumference)
  • Move cursor to closest point on surface of 4-point sphere.
  • Move cursor to world origin
  • Move cursor to active object origin

Release Notes

  • NEW: Support for the 2.56 API.


  • 3P-circle and 4P-sphere formulas does not handle colinear vertices.
  • 4P-sphere formulas does not handle coplanar vertices.
  • Mirroring may work incorrectly if one face is selected but more than three vertices. The intended action is at first hand to mirror around a face and second to use descrete vertices. But it always uses any three selected vertices which may or may not coincide with the selected face.



  • Unzip
  • Move both files to the [blenderhome]/2.56/scripts/addons folder.

8 Responses to “Cursor Control 0.4.1”

  1. The script currently doesn’t work anymore with 2.57. could you make it work for blender 2.57 too ?

  2. Thanks for your usefull adon, is it possible to add a “move to previous point”?

    • Thanks!
      I don’t know exactly when I will get around to that, but I’ve had a similar idea for a while and it is in my notebook for future stuff. So I don’t know… just don’t hold your breath.

  3. Fixed it. It was looking for the seminumerical module.

  4. I can’t enable it. It shows up in the User Prefs Addons panel, but I can’t check the check box, it refuses to work.

    • I assume you have the Blender 2.56a version… (note the ‘a’)
      It seems they re-released the 2.56 version with some fixes and called it 2.56a.
      And I don’t know if the addon works with the first 2.56 version.

      If you start blender from a console/terminal possible errors will be printed to the terminal.
      Real handy for seeing what fails when Blender tries to load or run addons.

      • I have a BF build from graphicall that’s more recent than the 2.56a version. All my other add-ons work, but I can’t check the box on this one to enable it. I’m almost guessing that it’s not your problem, but something to do with the fact that your addon does not come with the build.

        Do I need both scripts in the zip folder or just the space_3d_view… script. I only installed that one. Could that be the problem?

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