Cursor Control 0.5.0



    This addon gives you fingertip control of the 3d cursor. May be helpful in simple CAD drawings of mechanics or architecture. Feel free to try it for yourself.



  • Unzip
  • Move both files to the [blenderhome]/2.56/scripts/addons folder.


  • Blender 2.56a
  • Cursor history with back and forward navigation.
  • Cursor trace is shown on screen if chosen to.
  • Store cursor location to a saved location (SL).
  • Move cursor to SL.
  • Swap cursor and SL.
  • Saved Location is shown on the screen if chosen to.
  • Move cursor to closest point on selected mesh elements: vertices, edges, lines, faces, planes. Edges are constrained by their vertices, and faces by their edges. Lines and planes are infinite.
  • Mirror cursor around SL, a vertex, a line or a plane.
  • Move cursor to median of selected vertices.
  • Move cursor to closest encounter of two lines. Alternates between the two possible solutions.
  • Move cursor to closest point on 3-point cylinder axis. (Also for 3-point circle center.)
  • Move cursor to 4-point sphere center.
  • Move cursor to closest point on surface of 3-point sphere.
  • Move cursor to closest point on surface of 4-point sphere.
  • Move cursor to world origin.
  • Move cursor to active object origin.
  • Set step length for limiting or extending the distance the cursor will move.
  • Set step length mode to absolute for an exact distance in blender units. Negative values makes the cursor move away from the target.
  • Set step length mode to proportional for a scaled distance. Values between 0 and 1 is between CL and target. Values greater than 1 overshoots the target. Negative values makes the cursor move away from the target.
  • Capture step length value from distance between two vertices.
  • Quick buttons for Golden Mean proportions.

Release Notes

  • BUGFIX: Mirror now correctly ignores additional vertices when a face is selected.
  • BUGFIX: 3P-cylinder now ignores colinear vertices
  • BUGFIX: 4P-sphere algorithm now ignores colinear and coplanar vertices
  • BUGFIX: Some minor bugfixes
  • NEW: Added a step length feature.
  • NEW: Cursor trace with back and forward.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Some minor refactoring.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Split addon into three panels (Control, Memory and History)
  • IMPROVEMENT: Some buttons are now hidden in edit mode.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Changed some icons
  • IMPROVEMENT: Changed the workings of move to center of cylinder and sphere.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Changed the workings of move to perimeter of cylinder and sphere.


  • None.

10 Responses to “Cursor Control 0.5.0”

  1. “Cursor Control 0.5.0 Seminumerical’s Blender Python Scripts” was indeed a splendid blog post, can not wait to examine alot more of your blog posts. Time to spend several time on the net lol. Many thanks ,Marilou

  2. Arvin Villapando Says:

    Anyway to get this to work like XSI’s temporary pivot? In XSI you hold alt, and it gives you a translate tool to start moving the temporary pivot. Hold ctrl, and it’ll snap to any given point, grid, etc.

  3. Took me a while to build this into my workflow but now I have I love it, beautifully implemented, congrats, keep up the good work.

  4. Hiya

    Is there a way of turning off/hiding the 3d cursor [until needed of course] while modeling for the times it gets in the way by accidently using the wrong mouse button – I’m a newbie and that would be so wellcome.


    • No, not that I know.
      And I have not found any work around for it either.

      You can however turn off the 3D manipulator (red, green and blue arrows).
      I usually turn off the manipulator, since I like using the keyboard.

  5. I can’t get this script to show up in the preferences window, no matter where I place the files.

    • If you are using the latest builds there may me an issue with the names of the operators. Some have names with capital letters, more specifically ‘SL’.
      To fix this, find all instances of SL and change to lower case.
      Though, I have no idea if that will fix your problem…

      There is a discussion on about this, but the site seems to be down right now… :/

  6. carrozza Says:

    Thanks for this script, mate!

  7. Best script ever (so far)! Thanks, you are cool guy.

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