Cursor Control Split and Blender Tracker…


The addon has grown, and I felt it was a good idea to break Control, History and Memory into separate addons. For now they are all bundled into the same download until I find a good way to distribute the shared library. But you have to activate each separately in the user preferences.

Blender Tracker

Have started to mosey the code into the official blender tracker. I have also added some pages in the blender wiki. Not much there yet, but have a peek if you like.
Cursor Control, Cursor History, Cursor Memory


4 Responses to “Cursor Control Split and Blender Tracker…”

  1. Really nice Add On. If you have time at some point it would be extremely helpful in the 2.59 / 2.6 series as well as it just makes precision modeling a bliss…

  2. Hi there Morgan! Very very nice and useful script, but it’s broken in 2.59…any chances to meke it work?

    And a sugestion…I was looking at this thread:, is that possible to make a script to hide the cursor?


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